MXL Microphones' Desktop Recording Kit Now Compatible with Macintosh Computers

MXL microphones, a division of Marshall Electronics and a leader in high quality, affordable microphones for the audio professional, announces that its Desktop Recording Kit (DRK)—a professional cardioid condenser microphone, complete with a desktop microphone stand, microphone clip, XLR cable, XLR to Mini-Plug adapter cable, 3.5mm Mini-Plug to ¼ inch adapter, and power source—is now compatible with Macintosh personal computers.
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By adding MXL’s new iBooster Signal Compatibility Interface, which raises the low level output signals of cardioid condenser microphones and electric guitars to the line operating level of Macintosh computers, the Desktop Recording Kit makes it easy to record vocal and other musical performances, as well as adding dialog to presentations or creating one’s own podcasts.

The MXL microphone included in the Desktop Recording Kit is the first truly professional microphone designed for the computer user. Unlike budget electret-type microphones commonly marketed for computer audio, or dynamic microphones (which are common to sound reinforcement applications), the cardioid condenser is the studio standard the world over. The DRK microphone has a wide frequency range (30 Hz – 20 kHz), making it well suited for a broad spectrum of audio and music applications, and its cardioid pickup pattern, which is more sensitive to sound waves arriving at the front of the microphone as opposed to those arriving from the sides or rear, make this microphone an exceptional recording tool, with true studio quality.

The MXL Desktop Recording Kit includes all the necessary accessories to ensure seamless integration into a wide assortment of recording environments. With its XLR cable, the DRK microphone will connect to professional microphone preamplifiers, mixing consoles, or computer audio interfaces. The included XLR to Mini-Plug adapter cable enables easy connection to computer sound cards or other consumer audio equipment that utilize 3.5mm Mini-Plugs. And with the included 3.5mm Mini-Plug to ¼ inch adapter, the DRK microphone will interface perfectly with self-contained recording studios that commonly use the ¼ inch phone plug standard. The microphone is completely self-powered, so there is no need for costly preamplifiers or external power supplies. Combined with a sturdy, compact desktop microphone stand and clip, the MXL Desktop Recording Kit is “the right tool for the job” when it comes to computer audio.

MXL is a leading manufacturer of professional audio products for the music recording, broadcast, post production, and live sound markets. Additional information on the Desktop Recording Kit, iBooster Signal Compatibility Interface, and all MXL products can be found at