Music Video Distributors, Inc. is now Distributing The Great kat's "Extreme Guitar SHred" DVD

Music Video Distributors, Inc. (MVD), an international DVD and video distributor, is now distributing The Great Kat''s "Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD to record, video, online and DVD retail stores, such as,, Sound Exchange, Hastings, Spinnaker Records, Metal Haven, Generation Records, Impulse Music, Amoeba Music, Sound and Vision Planet, Paradise Records, Starship Records,,, and more.

"We are excited about distributing the new Great Kat DVD. 'Extreme Guitar Shred' has universally received resounding reviews, since it is the only DVD showcasing authentic Classical Music shredded with extreme guitar virtuosity," said Dave Hall, Buyer, MVD.

In "Extreme Guitar Shred" The Great Kat, the world's fastest female guitarist, dazzles audiences with finger-blistering guitar and violin virtuosity. The DVD features 6 Extreme Guitar Music Videos, 3 Bonus Features and speed-defying guitar/violin Shred versions of Classical Music Masterpieces by Wagner, Liszt, Vivaldi, Bazzini and Sarasate.

About MVD

MVD was founded in 1986 and is located in Oaks, Pennsylvania. MVD sells to over 10,000 different storefronts and is a world leader in music DVD with exclusive international and national distribution partners in every major global territory.

About The Great Kat

The Great Kat is an award-winning Juilliard graduate violinist, who performed her solo violin debut at Carnegie Recital Hall and toured extensively in the U.S., Mexico and England before switching to high-speed shred guitar and creating the new music genre, "Shred/Classical" Music -- a combination of Classical music and super-fast metal with mind-boggling Classical runs and technique.

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