Under a Billion Suns
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Of all the bands to come out of Seattle in the ’90s, Mudhoney is the least likely to be found on classic rock radio, or even VH1 Classic. So they must be doing something right, eh? Since their landmark 1991 album, Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, Mudhoney’s M.O. always leaned more on psychedelic fuzz-freak-outs with a Stooges-like strut, rather than the arena rock posturing of many of their Pacific Northwest contemporaries. Under a Billion Suns is classic Mudhoney in the sense that guitarist Steve Turner still sounds like he was raised on Davie Allen’s biker movie soundtracks, and vocalist/guitarist Mark Arm’s trademark sneer is as menacing as ever as he rails against the war and its architects. Coupled with water-tight arrangements, and production values that bring out all of their sonic carnage, Mudhoney still sport more electric urgency than bands half their age. (Sub Pop).
—Darrin Fox