Mouth To Mouth

My Fee Is Lust
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Making a somewhat commercial, modern rock record, with cool guitar tones and exciting playing must be tough, because there sure ain’t a lot of it out there. Hell, giving my radio dial a spin, it sounds like it’s the same cat playing on every record—same tone, same dynamics (really quiet, really loud), same everything. But hearing Mouth To Mouth guitarist Alex Lasner on this CD/DVD release, you realize there is hope, as he nimbly plays off of the tunes’ funky syncopations with organic, vibey, real tones—you know, the kind where you can actually hear the guy’s personality, much less his pick hitting the strings. Sweet. Lasner’s solo on “Knee Deep in Static” reminds me of when guys like Slash played like they had something to prove, and his smart-aleck Beck-ish bends permeate nearly every cut. A great debut from a great young player, and a 6-string oasis in the wan modern rock world. (