Launches New Website And New Motif Book

From the author that brought Motif owners the popular e-book, "Commanding the Yamaha Motif Vol 1: Basic Recording" (Mark Johnston) comes the launch of and the announcement of the follow-up e-book titled "Commanding the Motif Volume 2: Beyond the Basics."

The first "Commanding" book, which covered the ins and outs of basic recording and editing with the Yamaha Motif series keyboards, has been a huge hit with Motif owners. It also drew praise from industry professionals from around the world such as Dennis Burns, Sean Charles and many others. The second book, "Beyond the Basics," covers an even deeper variety of topics such as advanced sequencing techniques, computer connectivity, effects, performances and an exhaustive course on using the Motif's sampling capabilities, plus much more.

The web site is not only the support site for both Commanding the Motif books, but it is also posied to become a popular destination for Motif owners who wish to broaden their skillset, interact with other Motif owners and buy Motif related sound libraries, tutorials, videos, clothing and books.

For more information, visit their web site at