Moogfest: A Celebration of Synths(2)

Fifty years ago, American maverick inventor, Robert Moog, began developing instruments that altered the course of modern music for all time and have since become an integral part of our musical culture.
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Moog¹s namesake analog synthesizer helped catapult the careers of such a diverse list of artists as rockers Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Gary Numan and Devo, funkster Bernie Worrell with Parliament-Funkadelic, disco producer Giorgio Moroder with disco diva Donna Summer, fusioneers Chick Corea with Return To Forever, Herbie Hancock with The Headhunters, Jan Hammer with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Klaus Doldinger with Passport and Joe Zawinul with Weather Report, New Age icon Tomita and classical performer Wendy Carlos. To honor Moog and commemorate his groundbreaking achievements, several renowned keyboardists and longstanding Moog users will gather on Tuesday, May 31 at B.B. King's Bar & Grill in Times Square (237 w. 42nd Street between 7th & 8th Avenues) to participate in a gala Moogfest. The list of performers includes Edgar Winter, Will Calhoun (Living Colour), Money Mark (Beastie Boys), Bernie Worrell (P-Funk), Adam Holzman (Miles Davis), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theatre), Dan Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs), Steve Molitz (Particle), Sabina Sciubba & Didi Gutman (Brazilian Girls), Don Preston (Frank Zappa), Chris Clark (John Entwistle), Gershon Kingsley, DJ Logic and musical director Jason Miles. Showtime is 7:30 p.m.

Over the past 50 years, Moog's dedication to the craft of making instruments has been as legendary as the instruments themselves. And at the 50 year mark in his storied history, Moog is still active in his workshop in rural North Carolina, continuing to shape musical culture with some of the most inspiring instruments ever created. Robert Moog¹s substantial achievements have recently been recounted by documentary filmmaker/musician Hans Fjellestad in Moog ( Shot on location in Asheville, N.C., New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and London, this feature documentary explores Moog's collaborations with musicians over the years and his ideas about creativity, design, interactivity and spirituality while also examining his mythic cult hero status among musicians. The DVD of the recent theatrical release is planned for the summer of 2005, distributed by Plexifilm. Artists such as Stereolab, The Neptunes, Devo, Meat Beat Manifesto, Tortoise, DJ Spooky, Money Mark, Luke Vibert & Jean-Jacques Perrey, 33, Junky XL with Gary Numan, The Album Leaf, Bernie Worrell, PeteDevriese, Bostich, Charlie Clouser, Baiyon, Suzanne Ciani, Electric Skychurch and others are contributing original music produced on Moog instruments for the soundtrack.

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