Moogerfooger Analog Delay Pedal Returns

Moog Music has announced the new MF-104Z Analog Delay. Moog will debut a prototype of the MF-104Z at this year''s Summer NAMM show in Indianapolis, IN.
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The MF-104Z all-analog delay processor is designed for floor, table-top, or rack mount use and has delay times as short as 50 milliseconds to as long as 1000 milliseconds.

Front panel controls include: Delay Time; Wet / Dry Mix; Drive and Output Levels; Feedback Control (controls the # of echoes); Internal / External Loop Switch for inserting signal processing; and Loop Gain Control. Rear Panel Controls include: Audio In; Mix Out and Delay Out; Loop In and Loop Out; Feedback Control, Delay Time, and Wet/Dry Mix are all controllable from a Moog Expression Pedal. The new Moogerfooger Analog Delay offers all of these outstanding features and much more.

Moog originally offered its first analog delay in 2000. Today the original MF-104 is one of the more sought after vintage pedals on the market. The new MF-104Z, also designed by Bob Moog, will, no doubt, take its place along side the original and offers extended delay times previously unavailable.

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