Moog Introduces The Little Phatty Bob Moog Tribute Edition Analog Synth

Analog synth enthusiasts around the world have a new reason to rejoice - Moog Music has just released the Little Phatty, one of the coolest looking analog synthesizers ever.
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With its sound engine designed by Bob Moog, the Little Phatty boasts a 100 percent analog signal path, 100 user editable presets and a 37-note keyboard with +/-2 Octave Transpose. Moog Music will initially release a special, limited edition run of 1,200 individually numbered Bob Moog Tribute Edition synths.

The Little Phatty is a performer's dream and includes Real Analog Control (RACTM); a proprietary technology enabling the performer to directly interface with the analog circuitry via the knobs on the control panel, without any digital processing. Specifically, performers have RAC access to two ultra-stable Voltage Controlled Oscillators and one Voltage Controlled Filter. For additional sonic variety, performers can also crank up the Overload control for pre- and post-filter distortion. In all of these cases, the performer is directly connected to the sound engine with no digital latency; musicians have ultimate control.

"We're all very excited about the Little Phatty because it is the realization of Bob's dream to combine the Moog's great analog sound with an instrument that is not only accessible to most musicians in terms of price, but as important, designed with performing in mind," said Cyril Lance, senior engineer with Moog Music.

"We wanted the Little Phatty to be something folks will take to the gig, plug-in and immediately be digging into the rich legacy of Bob's analog sounds without a lot of layers and complication: like an old-world synth with new-world attitude and innovation."

"Everyone who has worked on the Little Phatty has put their heart, soul and an extraordinary amount of hard work into developing this instrument and I think it reflects the legacy that Bob left both as a pioneering engineer and as a human being," said Lance.

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