Mono M80 Case

I know appearance ranks pretty low on the list of must-have features in a guitar case, but, damn, Mono’s M80 case ($189 direct) looks friggin’ cool. With a NASA-meets-REI aesthetic, the M80 also straddles the line between a hard case and a gig bag. Sporting a waterproof Sharkskin material (available in Jet Black or Steel Grey) covering a laminate foam shell and “strategically placed” ABS protection panels, the M80 definitely offers more protection than your standard gig bag. You also get rubber skid pads on the bottom of the case, and a Neckbrace feature that suspends and secures the neck, making your guitar even less susceptible to damage.
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At a touch over five lbs, the M80 sports two main compartments that, while not the roomiest pockets in the world, are loaded with a few cool stow-away spots. The pocket at the headstock offers fitted slots for screwdrivers or pens, and enough room for a small string-changing kit. There’s also a strap for hanging the M80 on a hook. The main pocket’s Velcro strap holds cords in place—a much-appreciated feature. There’s also an inner zipper pocket that I used for stashing a glass slide and extra picks. With a couple of 15-foot George L’s cables, a Boss TU-12H tuner, and about five packs of strings, the M80’s main pocket was pretty full, leaving barely enough room for my emergency, gig-saving SansAmp without overstuffing the pocket. Through a dozen or so gigs, the M80 has proven its toughness, although it will take a lot more outings to see how it really handles the gig grind.

Kudos Looks cool. Waterproof. Almost hard-shell protection.
Concerns None.
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