Monitor Yourself

When touring with Meat Loaf in 1999, and Yes in 2001, I was spoiled by the experience of in-ear monitoring. What a concept: Hear everything you need to onstage, crystal-clear, at an ear-friendly volume, while blocking out unwanted noise in the process. I was sold. Whether it’s with custom-fitted molds, or generic earphones sold at your local music store, in-ear monitors give you the potential for the cleanest live monitoring experience out there. Of course, “clean” may not be your style. For instance, you may be used to the sound of your own amps, floor wedges, or powered speakers for monitoring, or you may play in a low-volume situation. But for loud rock stages, or if you send your keyboards direct to the PA system, in-ear monitoring may be just what you’re looking for. What tipped the scales in favor of it for me was the fact that I sing as well. I get a more accurate read of pitch with the control over volume that in-ear monitoring provides, and therefore a more in-tune vocal pe
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