MJS Publications Expands from Direct Mail Crescendo(2)

MJS Publications, book publisher of seven titles, including “GUITAR: Total Scales Techniques and Applications,” has successfully launched its North American distribution network campaign.
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Since March 2005, orders have spiraled from Baker & Taylor and Book Clearing House, which supplies Ingram Book Company. The latest addition to the company’s distributors list is Canadian Music Print Distribution and its sister company in the U.S., World Music 4All.

Mark Sternal, President, attributes ever-increasing distribution sales to a grass roots customer base that has popularized the former guitar teacher’s lesson books. “We’re starting to receive international orders from independent dealers. Over 50 on-line stores market our titles. We thank our 14,000 direct mail customers for all of our growth.”

MJS Publications is located in Crystal River, Florida. Formally established in 2004, it publishes lesson books for guitar and bass. Some titles are available in Spanish, as well as English. Amateur and professional guitar players take flight on the fretboard while learning music theory. The company’s website address iswww.mjspublications.com.