MILLS Acoustics Introduces THe Afterburner 412B-400 Electric Guitar Cabinet

MILLS Acoustics formally introduces their newest Pro-grade Celestion powered guitar cabinet, the Afterburner 412B-400. Based on the company''s acclaimed Afterburner cab design, this model contains 4 Celestion G12T-100 speakers, as well as MILLS Acoustics'' innovative "Afterburner" internal ported baffle.

"We wanted to give bigger venue, touring bands the option for a bit more power in addition to superb tone" explains Dave Mills, Founder/Designer and Owner of MILLS Acoustics. "We learned early on that a great speaker usually sounds flat when in the wrong cabinet. On the other hand, an average speaker can sound fantastic when mounted in the correct cabinet design. We combine the best of both in our product," Dave continues. "Celestion G12Ts have superb voicing and response and are immensely powerful. When mounted in our cab, the projection cuts through the mix like a razor." The company uses Celestion Speakers exclusively.

The company sells its products "Factory Direct" from their Website and through mail-order, however it is likely that by end of summer 2006, all sales will be through select retailers in the U.S., and in Europe by year's end.

Product Features:

  • Celestion G12T-100, (4x12 )
  • 400 W Total Handling (4x12)
  • 18mm/13 ply Baltic Birch (sides and baffles)
  • Slightly oversized dimensions (height, width and depth)
  • Internal, "Afterburner" Ported Baffle
  • Steel reinforced inside cabinet corners
  • Plug-in casters with Rubber feet
  • Heavy steel recessed Handles
  • Steel corners (screwed, not riveted)
  • Heavy "basket-weave" Fabric Grillcloth
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

For more information, visit their web site at