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Most musicians don’t know crap about business.
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Rock Your Business
David Fishof

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Most musicians don’t know crap about business. And this is sad, because a significant amount of unrest and depression in a musical career can be traced to getting your ass trounced by the music business. It’s perfectly understandable that rockers may not wish to study the same management and business-strategy tomes absorbed by those be-suited clones who live for Casual Fridays. But ignorance ain’t exactly bliss here, gang. Thank goodness that David Fishof—who founded Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp—has cut through the corporate psychospeak with a fun-to-read, completely sensible, and undeniably real-world book full of tips on how to succeed in just about anything. Fishof shares his smash hits and failures with unvarnished honesty, as well as maintaining a commitment to loyalty and family that is delightfully out-of-step with win-at-all-costs types. Fishof views every good and bad endeavor as a lesson to be learned—as well as data for future success building—and the man’s enthusiasm for making win/win deals practically rises off the pages like magic.

In addition to Fishof ’s tales of business endeavors, every chapter includes case studies, a review of the main points to ponder, and a few dashes of fatherly advice. Although—full disclosure—I wrote a quote for Rock Your Business, and have done some Guitar Player business with Fishof, I can (relatively) objectively state that this is one of the three best business books I have ever read (the other two being Richard Branson’s Screw It, Let’s Do It, and Mark Cuban’s How to Win at the Sport of Business). And, trust me, as an extremely paranoid magazine editor, recording-studio owner, and still-ambitious musician, I read piles of business books every year. This one works. BenBella Books.