Mic Party!

Fact: A home studio can never have enough microphones. Ever. Here’s an assortment of different mic models that offer a tremendous amount of tonal options. Buy all ten and shiver with bliss, or grab just a couple to fill in some sonic gaps in your current collection.
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Blue Microphones Ball
This bold-sounding “superball” inspires wacky mic positions. $139 retail/$99 street. bluemic.com

AKG C 1000S 2-Pack
Crystal-clear condenser pair for stereo- and ambient-miking strategies. $636 retail/$298 street. akgusa.com

CAD ST-100
This fab boundary mic is an essential tool for capturing blissfully weird sounds. $229 retail/$99 street. cadmics.com

Audio-Technica Pro 24 X
Perfect for “one mic” stereo recording of rehearsals and gigs. $119 retail/$79 street. audio-technica.com

Carvin CTM100
Go totally vintage with this modern, affordable tube mic. $299 direct. carvin.com

Sennheiser E609
Dangle this dynamic over your combo amp for a studly punch. $199 retail/$109 street. sennheiserusa.com

Samson C01U
A laptop-ready condenser with USB connector. Sweet. $234 retail/$79 street. samsontech.com

Audix i5
A tough dynamic (max. SPL is 140dB) for taming blastin’ amp stacks. $179 retail/$99 street. audixusa.com

Shure SM57
The must-have dynamic mic for documenting thoroughly classic guitar sounds. $158 retail/$89 street. shure.com

Electro-Voice Blue Raven
Easy-to-position, retro dynamic delivers articulate electric timbres. $199 retail/$149 street. electrovoice.com