MI Audio Announces Blues Pro Overdrive Pedal

Originally released in a limited number 18 months ago as a prototype, MI Audio has updated the design in response to demand, adding some ''pro'' features.

Features include:

  • Low/Medium gain design, using the JRC4558D IC. The IC is socket mounted so that you can experiment with different ICs.
  • Asymmetrical clipping.
  • Improved bass response for no bass loss.
  • High output volume for overdriving amps.
  • DC plug for external power (up to 25V DC), as well as internal battery power.
  • Standard Gain, Tone and Volume controls.
  • 3PDT heavy duty True Bypass switching.
  • High quality pots and in/out sockets
  • Small MXR sized case

For more information, visit their web site at www.miaudio.com.