Meshell Ndegeocello’s New Direction

"Music either moves you emotionally or it doesn’t," proclaims Meshell Ndegeocello, weary of the labels and comparisons attached to her new improvisational, instrumental-driven CD, Dance of the Infidel. Presented by her ensemble, Spirit Music Jamia, Dance of the Infidel has a guest roster that includes more than a dozen jazz luminaries, a sound that ranges from ’70s Miles Davis to downtown-Manhattan avant-garde, and a lack of lead vocals from Meshell. Critics and fans are referring to the eight-track disc as the alternative R&B/hip-hop artist’s “jazz album.” The 35-year-old maverick musician calls the project “improvisational spiritual groove music that you can dance to.” And while she has been surrounded by accomplished jazzers her whole life, she cautions, “I am in no way a jazz musician.”
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