Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne

The Electra Dyne 1x12 combo we just received  looks vintage simple, but its 3-position Mode switch reconfigures the amp's circuit architecture to provide three distinctly different preamps.
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The Electra Dyne's Clean, Vintage Low, and Vintage Hi Modes give it the ability to deliver everything from blackface-era Fender amp tones to classic and modded "British"-style tones. The use of ganged (or stacked) potentiometers, allows the Electra Dyne to more accurately replicate the different types of preamp circuits used in classic American and British amps, and the end result is an easy-to-use amplifier that is very accomodating to a variety of styles and taste—whether you play super clean, highly distorted, or any points between. The Electra Dyne's Simul-Class output stage uses four 6L6 output tubes to provide 90 watts of power when all four tubes are selected (one pair running in class A, the other pair in class AB), or 45 watts with just one pair running in class AB. The amp can also be easily rebiased for EL34 output tubes via a rear-panel switch. The Electra Dyna has a complement of Volume, Mid, Bass, Treble, Presence, and Master controls, a glorious sounding all-tube reverb (with a hardwire bypass), and a series effects loop. This is a great sounding amp with excellent touch sensitivity in all modes. The Electra Dyne is proving to be lots of fun to play and very easy to get sounds from, thanks to how well Mesa/Boogie has integrated its complex circuitry with such a user-friendly interface. Well done!