Memory Lane Analog Delay Joins Diamond Pedals Family

Diamond Guitar Pedals will be introducing the Memory Lane analog delay pedal at this year''s Summer NAMM show, featuring true tap tempo, a feature normally associated with digital delay units.
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Premium polypropylene capacitors, metal film resistors, and audiophile grade opamps provide a pristine signal path that showcases the warm analog repeats of its MN3005 bucket-brigade devices. With delay times ranging from 40 to 550 ms and the ability to run direct and delay signals to separate amps, the Memory Lane can generate delays anywhere from subtle spatial enhancement to slapback to longer beat decays. The Memory Lane incorporates a flexible modulation system that offers wide-ranging speed and depth controls, and a footswitch feature select that allows the player to use the right footswitch to control modulation effects when not using tap tempo.

The delay feedback system has a tilt EQ control in the delay path that allows the player to dial in progressively lighter or darker repeats, as well as an external expression pedal/effect insert loop in the delay feedback path. This insert loop, using a standard 1/4" effect send/receive cable, can be used to place practically any chain of guitar effects into the echo feedback path. By inserting phasers, flangers, even additional delays into the feedback path, the Memory Lane provides flexibility in tailoring the overall delay sound. The combination of delay time, feedback level and EQ functions also provides sophisticated real-time control of self-oscillation.

Other features include visual indication of delay time via flashing LED, true bypass switching, genuine Hammond enclosure, serial/parallel effect loop operation, and an included 24V adapter.

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