Melody Series Added to Evidence Audio's Cable Line

Evidence Audio has introduced the Melody signal cable for use with instruments, as well as for studio, pedal-board and rack wiring. The Melody is built by designer Tony Farinella to be what he calls a "coax cable done right".
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Based on years of research in cable theory and design and most importantly time spent listening, the Melody incorporates fundamental features that allow signal transmission with minimal degradation according to the company. It is designed to pass audio with as little change as possible for an honest presentation of associated equipment and playing styles.

A few of the features of The Melody Cable are:

  • Solid Core primary conductor to eliminate the electromagnetic effects of strand interaction, resulting in dynamic bass response and focused midrange
  • IGLTM (Increased Grain Linearity) Copper used to overcome distortions caused by copper impurities - allows high frequencies to be extended while still smooth and musical
  • Spiral shield with perfect conductor geometry -- minimizes strand interaction on the ground path relative to braided shields which can collapse dimensionality
  • 98% Shield coverage for outstanding noise rejection in any environment
  • Low capacitance for use in long runs without high frequency attenuation

Designer Tony Farinella states "I wanted to build a cable within reach of more people that was demonstrably better than generic cables re-badged with a brand-name and sold for $40-$70. The Melody is also a nice option for players who want something a little smaller for pedal boards, or don't have the budget to use 200 feet of Lyric HG on a large rack installation."

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