Megan Reilly

Let Your Ghost Go

Megan Reilly’s wispy voice gives many of the songs on Let Your Ghost Go the feeling of haunting lullabies—sad, but soothing. In all honesty, it’s hard to understand a lot of the words Reilly is singing, but the effect is pretty nonetheless, and the indistinguishable lyrics add to the music’s soft eeriness. Overall, Reilly’s guitar arrangements are simple and unobtrusive, and they let you get lost in the feel of her songs. But, occasionally, she throws in some unpredictable chords that surprise you, and pull your attention to her playing. (Tim Foljahn—an ex-member of Cat Power and Mosquito—plays guitar on the album, as well.) There are also a few unexpected songs on the CD that break the lullaby mood with rock and even old-school country sounds. One example is “Wedding Song,” which reminds me of a cross between an Irish folk song and a cowboy shindig. This mesh works, however—probably because Reilly grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and was raised by an Irish family. Let Your Ghost Go is a work of mysterious and unconventional beauty. And from a female perspective, it’s always cool hearing a woman do her own thing with such grace. (Carrot Top Records).