Meet Yngwie Malmsteen in San Francisco on Wednesday, November 9th!

Guitar Player will celebrate Yngwie Malmsteen’s arrival in San Francisco on Wednesday, November 9 by bringing boxes of the guitar hero’s October 2005 Guitar Player cover issue, which he will be signing after his performance. Ten lucky Malmsteen maniacs who enter below will win VIP tickets and a special meet & greet session with the Swedish guitar virtuoso at soundcheck time in the early evening.*

Yngwie Malmsteen has been blowing six-string minds with his high-octane classical heavy metal since he first appeared in Guitar Player’s Spotlight column in 1983. He came to epitomize the extreme shred style, and his extreme behavior—an air rage incident being the most infamous—earned him notorious reputation. Malmsteen’s new record, Unleash the Fury [Spitfire] is packed with his patented tone and laced with the same incendiary licks that made his name synonymous with shred, a genre that now thrives underground.

Malmsteen told GP: “The 2003 G3 tour really opened my eyes to the fact that there is a market for what I do in the States. There’s a whole new generation that didn’t hear this stuff 20 years ago, and they’re hungry for it because we’re not on television or the radio.”

Plenty of Malmsteen’s die-hard fans that have supported him since the early days still make it out to see their hero as well. Players of all levels can still learn a lot from Malmsteen. Truth be told, no one has really come along to push the neo-classical metal envelope past the Yngwie point. Maybe someone in the audience at the Independent will accept the challenge of picking up that torch?