MB-1 Mid Boost Added to Audiotech's Pedal Lineup

Audiotech has introduced the MB-1 Mid Boost pedal. The MB-1 provides up to 25db of mid range boost (500hz -1khz range) to any amplifier or guitar rig.
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The MB-1 helps guitar players cut through the mix for solos when playing live. "We've all been in that situation (when playing live) where your sound guy at the mixing console has you buried in the mix a little too much. If you're a guitar player you know what we're talking about here," says company president and chief engineer Eric Roberts. "Engaging the MB-1 really adds a lot of clarity and brings you to the forefront, we noticed that it's also a pedal that nobody really has available for guitar players" he adds.

Designed to be rugged and road worthy, the MB-1 is housed in a heavy-duty cast aluminum enclosure. Like all Audiotech effects, the MB-1 features true bypass switching. One 9V battery is required. It also comes with Audiotech's standard two-year warranty.

For more information, visit their web site at www.audiotechusa.com.