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Matt Blackett's March Faves

When I first heard the guitar playing of Bobby Honky (né Landgraf),
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When I first heard the guitar playing of Bobby Honky (né Landgraf), I described it as sounding like Billy Gibbons and Zakk Wylde on a bathtub gin binge. That’s true. But there’s more. On this record you also get the perfectly bizarre quasi-ring-modulator tones of “Walton County,” the expertly flatpicked acoustic and electric textures of “All for Nothin’,” and the pentatonic blazing of “Riddle Cap.” If the swirling triplets of “Wfo” don’t get you, the gut-punch syncopations that follow will. Yeah! MVD.

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Eli Nelson
Bay Area pop fans might recognize Eli Nelson from his work with the supremely talented band An Intimate Evening with Michael Shaw, but he’s got his own thing going too. That thing includes playing kick-ass melodic rock instrumentals like he does on this record. Nelson provides whammy work on “Nexus Point” that will certainly appeal to Steve Vai fans, he harmonizes lines like Brian May on “Love Strains,” and he does a kinder, gentler Di Meola on “Adamonte.” The guy has huge chops but you never get the sense that he’s putting them in your face. Eli Nelson.

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The Whiskey Sisters
These Austin-based “sisters” are Teal Collins and Barbara Nesbitt, and they both play great acoustic guitar on these gorgeous, harmony-drenched country rockers. The guitar story here, however, truly comes in the form of Mr. Josh Zee, who plays electric on the album. For some reason this guy is still the best-kept secret in the blues-based country-fried universe, with his spot-on bends, perfect sense of the pocket, badass picking technique, and awesome sense of humor. I’m always wrong about these things, but “Talk It Out” sure sounds like a hit to me. I’m definitely right about this, though: The guitar solo to that tune is freaking perfect! Great record, and highly recommended. World Records.

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