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UFO Seven Deadly Vinnie Moore continues to kick major ass on UFO’s latest.
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Seven Deadly

Vinnie Moore continues to kick major ass on UFO’s latest. All the guitars sound great, but definitely check out the killer chugs on “Mojo Town,” the sustain-y EBow-ish lines in “Angel Station,” the slinky slide work in “The Fear,” and the all-out blazing in “Wonderland.” Moore can still shred—maybe better than ever—but he’s just so damn bluesy, and that’s ultimately what makes him special. SPV/Steamhammer.

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Sore Throat
Musically Reclined
Industry types know Ryan Rhodes as the less-attractive half of the Nick Bowcott/ Ryan Rhodes juggernaut that runs Marshall Amplification U.S. Guitar fans will soon know him as a guy who cranks out crushing and demented riffs, super-interesting solos, odd meters that actually make sense, and positively kick-ass tones. Some of Rhodes’ guitar parts are pretty twisted. How twisted? Like “severed heads in the freezer” twisted—which is unbelievably refreshing!

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Contemporary Guitar Improvisation:
Utilizing the Entire Fretboard

By Marc Silver
Originally published in 1978, this 150-page study guide is still valid today for anyone seeking to improve their musicianship by becoming fluent with chords and scales in all reaches of the fretboard. The course is laid out in a stepwise manner so that a player can come in at a rudimentary level, learn the material at their own pace, and ultimately become more proficient at improvising solos and rhythms in practically any musical situation.

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