New guitar amplifier is the result of yearlong collaboration between Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine and Marshall Amplification
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 New guitar amplifier is the result of yearlong collaboration between Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine and Marshall Amplification


MELVILLE, NY — Marshall Amplification introduces the new Dave Mustaine special edition MG microstack guitar amplifier, dubbed the “Megastack.” The three-piece unit includes a 15-Watt compact head with four channels, plus two matching speaker cabinets – one angled and one straight. Each cabinet is loaded with a full-range 10" Celestion speaker.

Available in extremely limited quantities in the U.S., the amplifier looks like a compact version of Mustaine’s legendary full sized touring rig that he uses with Megadeth. The cabinets have a more open face look with a diamond-pattern, black-powder-coated steel kick grille to protect the speakers. Covered in rugged “Carbon Fibre” black patterned vinyl, the cabinets are finished with high-impact-resistant cabinet fixtures.

In addition to offering the look of Mustaine’s iconic stack, the Megastack has been carefully designed so that, even in its micro format, it can provide his tone straight out of the box. A 4-channel amplifier just like Mustaine’s Marshall JVM rig, it provides access to clean, crunch and overdrives via four pre-programmed tones (Clean Absolution, Symphony Chorus, New Wave Of British Metal and Holy Solo). Additionally, the amplifier has a three-stage EQ, identical to the kind found on Mustaine’s JVM channels on his touring rig, with independent Bass, Middle and Treble controls. The Megastack also has built-in effects including Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger and Delay.

A versatile array of inputs and outputs is provided. The Line Input allows players to jam along with an MP3 player, CD player or other source. The combination Line Out / Headphone Out features speaker cabinet emulation, so the full Marshall sound is always preserved when recording or practicing through headphones.

The optional STOMPWARE® footswitch provides seamless transitioning from sound to sound, and access to four additional presets, as well as tap tempo control and a display for the built-in tuner. STOMPWARE technology allows this multi-function pedal to be connected using a traditional guitar cable – eliminating the need for special or hard-to-find cables.

Pricing and availability for the Marshall Dave Mustaine Megastack will be announced shortly. For more information, please visit