MaranGraphics Applies its Uniquely Easy-to-Follow Approach to Learning the Guitar

There are two types of people in this world-those who play guitar and the rest of us who are stuck playing backup on air guitar. If you''ve always longed to graduate to the first group, maranGraphics has just released the ideal book for you.
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Maran Illustrated GUITAR is the perfect introduction for beginners looking to immerse themselves in the world of guitar playing. Its impressive depth of content, however, also makes it extremely well suited to the casual player who wants to improve upon what they already know.

The award-winning maranGraphics group has teamed with consultant Tim Martin, head of the Guitar Department at the Merriam School of Music, to create a book that makes learning to play the guitar both fun and easy. Utilizing its distinctive visual learning approach which has led to sales of more than 10 million books, maranGraphics has allowed Martin's broad range of experience as a performer and educator to shine through brilliantly on every full-color page.

Maran Illustrated Guitar takes the learning out of the classroom and puts it firmly into the hands of the reader. Far from dry lessons with dull hard-to-follow instructions, Maran Illustrated Guitar will appeal to everyone with clear step-by-step directions that lead readers through every lesson. Each exercise is accompanied by colorful photos and illustrations as well as clever tips and pertinent advice.

Maran Illustrated Guitar is packed with essential information, including:

  • How to read chord diagrams, tablature and written music
  • Articulation techniques, including bending, vibrato, hammer-ons, and slides
  • Sections on playing Blues, Rock, Folk & Country, and Classical guitar
  • Guitar maintenance, including restringing the guitar and adjusting the action

Other topics range from holding a guitar and positioning the fretting hand to more complex techniques such as playing power chords and incorporating articulation techniques, such as bending and vibrato.

Practicing new-found guitar skills has never been easier. Budding guitarists and experienced players alike will want to visit a special section on the maranGraphics website at There they can download MP3 samples of scales, rhythms, chords and specialty techniques featured in Maran Illustrated Guitar.

A complete introduction and thorough reference guide, Maran Illustrated Guitar will banish the air guitar forever and provide the basis for a lifetime of guitar playing-all for less than the price of a private lesson.