Magix Announces Ringtone Maker

MAGIX, the worldwide leader in music and video editing software, announces MAGIX Ringtone Maker, which lets consumers personalize their mobile phones by creating their own real music cellphone ringtones from music hits without paying recurring subscription or download fees.

MAGIX Ringtone Maker converts unlimited ringtones from CDs, MP3s and custom recordings into high-quality ringtones that can be uploaded daily to your cellphone to suit your mood, season, or impress your friends.

As important as the kind of clothes one wears or the car model one drives, ringtones are an important style statement. According to IDC Research, U.S. consumers downloaded 4.8 million ringtones in 2002 or $16.6 million worth. IDC projects that in 2005, these consumers will download 30 million ringtones or $404 million in sales. With MAGIX Ringtone Maker, consumers can avoid these hefty download and subscription charges by creating their own chart-topping ringtone hits that sound like high-quality stereo music, not tinny downloaded imitation tunes.

With MAGIX Ringtone Maker, ringtones can be uploaded to Real Music cellphones in just three simple steps. Also included in MAGIX Ringtone Maker are over 500 ringtone music loops and fun sounds like animal noises and funny voices. And with the recording function, consumers can also create their own unique ringtones on 4 tracks for customized music, holiday greetings or birthday/anniversary announcements.

MAGIX Ringtone Maker works with newer mobile phones supporting ADPCM formats such as MP3, WAV, AMR, or SMAF. Check with the phone manufacturer for details. MAGIX Ringtone Maker will be available in late March. For more information, visit