M-Audio ProKeys88

It’s funny how similar the needs of most stage piano owners are. Contemporary worship keyboardists, bar-band keyboardists, solo gigging singer/keyboardists. Give you guys and gals a good grand piano, a Wurly, a Rhodes, a string pad (and the facility to layer it under the piano or EP of their choice), split left-hand bass, and maybe a Clav (the bar-band guy will need it for “Superstition” and “Car Wash” anyway) and most of you are happy. If the manufacturer offers it for under a grand, you’re even happier. But what about an 88-key stage piano with all that for just under six bills (on the street)? Would you be rapturously interested or immediately skeptical? Or both? M-Audio is betting you’ll be rapturously interested, and I’d say it’s a good bet.
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