Luxonix Announces Purity Virtual Instrument

To be released for both Mac and PC, Purity is an instrument workstation and PCM sound module, designed to be used standalone or as a plug-in with VST and AudioUnit host applications.
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Purity features a 16-part multitimbral sound engine supplemented with an integrated mixer, two dozen insert effects, virtual MIDI keyboard, and a 5-track, 64-step pattern sequencer to build up songs. The editing page puts all instrument controls on one screen, complete with graphical envelope editing.

Key Features:

  • GM (General MIDI) Compatible
  • 16-part Multi-instrument
  • Integrated Pattern Sequencer
  • Super-fast Preset Browser
  • Over 1000 Factory Sound Presets
  • Integrated Mixer
  • 2 Stereo Send-Return Effect Buses - Chorus/Reverb
  • 24 types of Insert Effect
  • PC and Mac, VST/AU plug-in interface
  • Stand-alone : DirectSound, WDM/KS, ASIO, CoreAudio

Purity is planned for release in October, with the price TBD.

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