Line 6 Uber Metal Distortion

The Uber Metal Distortion ($140 retail/ $100 street) is designed to melt your face off with ravenous modern distortion tones. Offering 3-band EQ with a sweepable midrange (250Hz-4kHz), the Uber Metal has three distortion modes—Metal, Pulverize, and Insane, as well as a bypassable onboard noise gate with two preset thresholds.

Dialing in the Uber Metal is easy. The Metal setting provides excellent old-school thrash tones (think Kill Em’ All) thanks to its oodles of gain. The Pulverize mode, with its substantially more low-end heft and more intense distortion, turns any guitar/amp setup into a metal freak’s wet dream. But, as the name suggests, the Insane mode is where normalcy departs. The distortion tones in this mode are so over-the-top they might spell trouble for your speakers. At a certain point, our Super Reverb wanted nothing to do with the DF-7’s bowel-loosening rumble, while the Marshall took it like a man. Like the DigiTech, the sweepable Midrange control expands the unit’s sonic palette, providing everything from nasally transistor radio tones to punishing scooped mids. The Uber Metal is also fairly responsive to your guitar’s volume knob, cleaning up pretty well when you turn down.