Line 6 PODXT Live, Pro Tone and Features From The Studio to The Stage Floor

Line 6, inventor of the first digital modeling guitar and amplifier, is now shipping the newest addition to the PODXT family, PODXT Live.

PODXT Live is a multi-effect floor processor that provides premium guitar tone and professional features in one stage-ready unit. With features from Line 6’s flagship Vetta II, PODXT Live delivers a wide range of stompbox, studio, synth effects, amplifier and cabinet models, plus a digital Variax input, and USB computer connectivity.

PODXT Live can be used as the ultimate multi-effect pedal for any guitar amp, a complete direct PA solution, or creative recording device for studio guitar work. PODXT Live provides over 80 sought-after models of stompbox and studio effects. Aside from an extensive assortment of reverb choices, PODXT Live includes a must-have collection of distortion, compressor, chorus, flanger, rotary, synth, filter and delay effects.

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