Line 6 Now Shipping Modular Tonecore Stompboxes

Line 6, inventors of digital modeling guitars, amplifiers, and effects, is now shipping the ToneCore ® effect modules and ToneDock mono and stereo stompboxes. Users now have the ability to swap out the module inside a ToneCore pedal with any module from the entire line including Uber Metal, Echo Park, Crunchtone, Space Chorus, Tap Tremolo, Constrictor, Dr. Distorto, Verbzilla, Liqua Flange, Roto-Machine, and Otto Filter.

ToneCore pedals provide guitarists of all ages and playing styles, unique Line 6 tones, advanced sound and extraordinary control.

"With ToneCore modules, users can easily and inexpensively expand their tonal options at any time," said Rich Renken, product line manager, Line 6. "With ToneCore docks on your pedalboard, you can change your effects setup in seconds to get the right sounds for any gig."

ToneCore modules can be placed in either mono or stereo ToneDock stompboxes. The ToneDock mono and stereo stompbox base stations can be powered by a standard 9 Volt battery, or the optional DC-1 power supply.

ToneCore Module MSRP:

ToneDock Mono $99.99
ToneDock Stereo $112.99
Uber Metal Module $41.99
Echo Park Module $99.99
Crunchtone Module $41.99
Space Chorus Module $55.99
Tap Tremolo Module $55.99
Constrictor Module $55.99
Dr. Distorto Module $41.99
Verbzilla Module $99.99
Liqua Flange Module $55.99
Roto-Machine Module $55.99
Otto Filter Module $41.99