Limited Edition DSL100SL Stack from Marshall

In response to requests for amplifiers in custom colors, Marshall has created the DSL100SL stack -- a very limited edition version of its all-tube, 100 Watt, Dual Super Lead head finished in a custom silver color, along with matching angled (JCM1960ASL) and straight (JCM1960BSL) cabinets.
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The Head's baffle and speaker grilles of both cabinets feature vintage Marshall checkerboard grille cloth with black Marshall script logos and black piping. In addition, the head features a silver control panel to complement the amp's overall color scheme -- the first time a modern Marshall has boasted a non-gold face plate since the limited run of Silver Jubilee models made in 1987 in celebration of the company's 25th Anniversary.

Only 200 DSL100SL/JCM1960ASL halfstacks and 50 JCM1960BSL cabinets will be available here beginning in September 2005.

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