Leslie West Recuperating Following Amputation of Leg

Legendary Mountain Guitarist Expected to Fully Recover

Biloxi, MS --- Legendary guitarist Leslie West has undergone surgery in Biloxi, MS. West had flown in to Mississippi to perform at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino with his band Mountain. On Saturday, his leg began to swell, and as a diabetic he was rushed to the emergency room. He was diagnosed with the decision to go through an amputation in order to save his life. Surgery was a success, and the procedure removed his limb up to the knee.

Leslie West is expected to fully recover, and faces extensive rehabilitation. The family has requested that the public and media respect his privacy while he comes to terms with this life changing transition.

West is a guitar god. From the Sixties through today, he has been revered by artists and fans alike. He has been in command of one of the biggest, boldest electric guitar tones known to humankind from the 1969 Woodstock Festival that placed his band Mountain in to historical lore through his upcoming release The Unusual Suspects. At age 65, West continues to remain current, as witnessed by the assemblage of legends joining him on his next album, which includes Billy Gibbons, Slash, Zakk Wylde, Joe Bonamassa and Steve Lukather, alongside Kenny Aronoff. As West shared, “These guys don’t show up to play on everybody’s albums. They’re stars in their own right and fantastic players – everyone with their own sound and style, and about as far from ‘the usual suspects’ as it gets.”

The release date for The Unusual Suspects, and further information on West’s recovery will follow in due time.