Leona Sharpe

Guitarist: Leona SharpeAge: 33Style: Blues rockInfluences: Angus Young, Rich Robinson, Jimmy PageMain Guitar: Gibson SG, Hamburguitar Signature LeoLocation: Las Vegas, NV

Background: Leona “Leo” Sharpe began playing guitar at age 16, after hearing AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” on the radio. Upon graduating high school, she moved to Los Angeles, where she played in the all-girl group Bootleg, which placed third in the Music Connection Pick of the Players Poll. Sharpe now plays in the all-female hard-rock band Jaggedy Ann, which won the U.S. Championship in the World Battle of the Bands, and went on to take second place in the final competition in New Zealand. Jaggedy Ann’s music is rooted in classic rock, and Sharpe attacks her SG in a style evoking Angus Young, Johnny Thunders, and Keith Richards, with strong rhythms and fiery, blues-based pentatonic solos.

Contact: leonashrp@yahoo.com; www.jaggedyann.com.