Learn Jazz Guitar with Riff Interactive's Latest CD-ROMs

Riff Interactive, a developer of interactive guitar lesson CD-ROMs, live internet music lessons, and online celebrity seminars, has released 2 new Interactive Guitar Lesson CD-ROM products from guitar educator Lyle Ronglien: Jazz Guitar for Beginners I and II.

Jazz is like a fancy version of the Blues. If you like the Blues style of music you'll may also like Jazz. In these lessons you'll be learning lots of chords and scales and how they can work together, as well as typical chord progressions found in Jazz. You'll also learn Jazz style riffs, and how to improvise over common chord progressions found in the Jazz style while jamming to Jazz style jam tracks.

CD-ROM Software features:

  • Interactive tab/notation that syncs to the actual guitar audio.
  • Virtual guitar neck showing the notes being played and the fingering.
  • Select, loop, slow media and tab notation down to your desired speed while maintaining original pitch.
  • Videos and looping jam tracks to practice with.
  • Transcription of lessons where actual students interact with teacher.

For more information, visit their web site at www.riffinteractive.com.