Leading Artists Make Music with Fishman

The Summer of James TaylorEarly in the season, James Taylor purchased two Fishman Auras while preparing for an extensive new tour and exploring what was new on the market. Not long after that, we received a call from David Morgan, JT''s front of house mixer who was excited about the impact the Aura made on Taylor’s guitar sound. Head of Artist Relations Larry Dalton explained that Fishman could make it even better by recording the actual guitars JT would be using in the show.
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Morgan worked with Fishman’s in-house tech guru Joe B. to dial in the sounds and began looking at the possibility a custom recording of James' beloved Olson custom guitars. Taylor was tweaking his Auras and devising ways to notate his settings.

At the same time, Fishman received an inquiry from Andrea Zonn, a Nashville singer, songwriter and fiddle player on tour with Taylor. She had an Aura and was wondering if we had violin and viola sounds. Since she was going to be in the Boston area, we invited her to come to the factory and record her instruments.

When Zonn arrived at Fishman, she not only had her instruments, but James Taylor's road tech and many of his Olson guitars to record. Andrea's recordings sounded exceptional and everyone could hear the difference right away. The viola sounded especially good. After a number of discussions with David Morgan, including requests for specific microphones, we recorded Taylor’s Olson guitars and loaded those custom images into his Aura.

Shortly after the recording, Taylor and company invited Joe B. and Dalton to a pre-tour rehearsal to fine-tune his Aura and get it "road-ready." We also brought another unit to be devoted exclusively to classical guitar sounds for one of the other guitar players in James' band. We spent a very long day answering questions ranging from pickups to preamps to drum triggers. JT was very gracious with his time and we left feeling that they were totally prepared to begin their tour.

The third show on the tour was at the Tweeter Center near Boston, and Joe and I were invited to see the fruits of our labor. We hung around for sound check and chose a place at the soundboard to watch (and listen) to the show. Right from the beginning when James and Andrea came out for the first song, the Aura's impact was incredibly apparent. Joe and I turned around to see a very large grin on soundman David Morgan's face. That said it all.

Def Leppard & Bryan Adams
These two rock perennials were playing a dual bill in AAA baseball parks around the country. Their east coast swing included Campanelli Field in Brockton. On the show day there was a torrential rainstorm, but the weather did not stop the waterlogged fans from enjoying a great night of music.

Def Leppard has been doing a rock and an acoustic set and has been using Fishman for a very long time. They’ve just upgraded their guitars with Ellipse Blends and are using the Loudbox in the acoustic parts of their show.

Bryan Adams and company are also longtime Fishman users. Brian was eager to show off some of his new Moon guitars (made in Scotland), all of which are Fishman equipped.

Dave Matthews Band
Dave Matthews and his band have been with Fishman since day one and now the band has incorporated the Loudbox Pro as part of their stage setup for their entire tour.

Fishman received a call from Staind for acoustic guitar pickups that Aaron Lewis could use in a very high volume stage setup. His newly acquired instruments included some beautiful vintage Gibson guitars in impeccable condition. To make them viable in a high volume setting, Fishman’s Joe B did a very complicated installation of a Matrix NT 2. This guitar setup has worked perfectly in every situation for them, from the high volume of the show to some intimate radio shows

Joe Perry
Fishman’s in-house tech guru Joe Barbieri installed an Acoustic Matrix undersaddle pickup with a Natural II preamp system in Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s Martin 12-string acoustic.

Barbieri, renowned for his custom work and modifications, also added a volume control knob on the soundboard. The guitar, which will be used on Aerosmith’s upcoming tour, was then sent back to Perry’s guitar tech in time for tour rehearsals. Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz are set to launch one of 2005’s biggest arena tours on October 30 at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT.

Acoustic Alchemy
Acoustic Alchemy's Greg Carmichael stopped by the Fishman factory today to have some Aura Custom Sound Images done for his nylon string stage guitar. The popular group was in town performing sold-out shows in Boston at Sculler's Jazz Club.

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