Latin Style Guitarists Are Crazy For Stash Picks

STASH PICKS, Inc. the innovative guitar and bass pick manufacture has taken the Latin and Mexican music scene by storm since the introduction of the innovative “Double Pick” and “Fat Boy” pick. According to STASH PICKS’ President David B. Rosenfeld, “Since introducing our “Double Pick” and “Fat Boy” pick to the Latin and Mexican music players the popularity has been overwhelming. We were confident that our “Double Pick” would become popular amongst Rock, Blues, Jazz and other style guitarist, but we never anticipated the kind of success we have been experiencing amongst Latino style guitar players including players of the Baja Sexto.”
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Before the “Double Pick” players of the Baja Sexto instrument used a large heavy triangle style pick to get a tone out of the guitar. The “Double Pick” with its 2 picks fused at its base with a space between the tips of the pick double strikes the strings. This unique feature allows for effortless strumming with a full bodied sound. The “Fat Boy” is also a favorite as it reminds the players of the”old style” picks they were used to using. With the lighter weight and 3 gauges in one pick the “Fat Boy” is also becoming a favorite for the Baja Sexto players.

In the Latin community, guitarists can not believe the difference in the magnitude of their music when comparing a regular pick to the “Double Pick” and “Fat Boy” picks. We were unfamiliar with this finding at the time of development as we only interviewed American style musicians” says David B. Rosenfeld. “It has been fantastic to receive such a large amount of positive feedback from the Latin community.”

STASH PICKS, Inc. will aggressively pursue increased market share and brand awareness through extended product distribution in Mexico, Central and South America. STASH PICKS has already set the stage for 2007 to become their most successful year ever in the Latin and Mexican music scene. The company will work hard to also expand its dealer network throughout the US, Canada and globally.

STASH PICKS are currently available at all Sam Ash Music stores, Guitar Center locations and at fine musical instrument retailers nationwide. STASH PICKS are also available online. For further information regarding STASH PICKS visit their website at or send an email to Information can also be obtained by calling the corporate office at (818) 590-2554.