Larry Dunn

One of These Days [New Blue Classics]

A rootsy affair that touches on blues, Tex-Mex, and jazz, former Dynatones’ guitarist Dunn delivers wonderfully tailored tunes that manage to highlight his ultra-hip, yet ultra-musical guitar playing. His bluesy, organic phrasing deftly mixes in slick modal flavorings (from Santana to Robben Ford), and his ability to outline a tangy, twisting chord progression—on the album’s title track for instance—without going into chromatic la-la land is a real treat, as are his velvety octave licks. Dunn leans on spanky, mildly overdriven single-coil tones for the most part, but the album’s last three cuts feature Dunn’s formidable acoustic guitar chops. Good tunes and killer playing. What’s not to like?
—Darrin Fox