Larry and Larry’s Jazz Minor Moves

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That’s how Larry Carlton, our first Webinar star, found himself showing viewers that by playing the notes from an ascending melodic minor scale rooted one half-step above the V7 chord root, you can effect a tasty bebop-inflected resolution to the I chord. How does it work? Another Larry—Larry Coryell—detailed the approach in the August ’87 GP and shared the example shown above. Here, Ab melodic minor ascending (Ab, Bb, Cb, Db, Eb, F, G) is used over G7alt (V7alt) to resolve to C (I). (In this context, the scale is often referred to as “jazz minor” or “altered dominant.”) Tip from Carlton: Use this technique over the I7 chord in a standard blues as you head toward the IV chord. Damn, you’re hip!