Korg Introduces C-320, C-520, And C-720 Concert Series Digital Pianos

Introducing the Korg Concert Series C-720, C-520 and C-320 with new sounds and design.
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Korg's sophisticated and refined Concert Series has been taken to new levels of detail and expressive realism. The C-320, C-520 and C-720 are the new standard in digital pianos, with the high-quality piano sounds you expect from Korg.


  • Korg's proprietary "Piano eXperience" technology delivers richly expressive piano sounds)
  • The high-capacity piano PCM contains multiple dynamic layers to create the beautiful stereo piano sounds you expect from Korg. The C-720 and C-520 feature two additional dynamic layers, along with string resonance and damper noise samples that together deliver a multi-dimensional and realistic piano sound)
  • Superb playability and an authentic touch is provided by our distinctive Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard)
  • An internal stereo sound system delivers rich dynamic piano sounds. The C-720 and C-520 feature an enhanced four-speaker system, with the C-720 providing true bi-amplification)
  • Sophisticated and graceful modern design. The C-720 has a beautiful "wenge" color real wood finish)
  • All models feature a broad range of robust, well-defined sounds; the C-320 provides 30 sounds and the C-720 and C-520 each offer 40 sounds)
  • C-320 contains 30 demo songs, while the C-720 and C-520 each have 20 demo songs plus additional 185 classical piano pieces)
  • Piano Lesson function uses the built-in classical piano songs to help you practice even with separate hands (C-720 and C-520 only))
  • The two-part recorder can capture and immediately play back your performance (C-720 and C-520 only))
  • The metronome function provides 37 realistic drum patterns (C-720 and C-520 only))
  • USB connector allows for easy connection to your computer; a real convenience for interactive lessons and for exchanging data (C-720 and C-520 only)

C-720/520/320 Specifications (* indicates C-720 and C-520 only)

Keyboard: 88 keys (A0 ~ C8), Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 keyboard

Touch Control: C-720/C-520: eight velocity curves + fixed, C-320: three velocity curves

Tone Generating System: Piano eXperience stereo sampling

Max. Polyphony: C-720/C-520: 62 notes, C-320: 60 notes

Number of Programs: C-720/C-520: 40 types; 7 Acoustic Pianos, Honky-tonk, Electric Grand, 8 Electric Pianos, 2 Harpsichords, 2 Clavis, 2 Vibraphones, Acoustic Guitar, 3 Jazz Organs, 3 Church Organs, 3 Strings, 3 Choirs, 4 Basses

C-320: 30 types;4 Acoustic Pianos, Honky-Tonk, Electric Grand, 6 Electric Piano, Harpsichord, 2 Clavis, Vibraphone, Marimba, Acoustic Guitar, 3 Jazz Organs, 3 Church Organs, 3 Strings, 3 Choirs

Effects: C-720/C-520: Reverb (8 types), Chorus (6 types), insert effects (24 types: including Tremolo, Delay, Rotary Speaker, Equalizer, etc.), C-320: Reverb and Chorus

Brilliance*: Very Mellow, Mellow, Normal, Bright, Very Bright

Modes: Single, Layer, Split*, Performance* (3 banks x 10)

Recorder*: 2 parts (+ Drum pattern), 45,000 notes capacity per song. Controls: Record, Play/Pause, Stop, Part 1 on/off, Part 2 on/off. Functions: Cycle, Erase Track, Quantize, Transpose, Delete Song, Rename Song

Demo Songs: C-720/C-520: 205 songs (20 demo songs, 185 classical songs), Piano Lesson function. C-320: 30 demo songs

Metronome: Tempo, Beat, Accent, Volume, C-720/C-520 contains 37 preset drum patterns

Key Transpose

Pitch Control

Temperaments: C-720/C-520: 10 temperaments + Quarter tone function. C-320: 3 temperaments

Pedals: Damper (half-pedal function), Soft (half-pedal function), Sostenuto

Display*: 16 characters, 2 lines backlit LCD

Connections: Output (L/Mono, R), Headphones x 2, Input (L/Mono, R)

USB connector*: with USB to MIDI and USB Mass Storage functionality. Operative systems supported: Microsoft Windows XP, Apple Mac OS X 10.2 or higher

MIDI connectors: In, Out

Amplifier: C-720: Bi-amplification system 2 x 35 W (Woofers) + 2 x 12 W (Tweeters), C-520: 2 x 35 W , C-320: 2 x 25 W

Speakers: C-720: 2 x 16 cm woofers in closed boxes, 2 dome tweeters, C-520: 2 x 13 cm woofers in bass-reflex boxes, 2 tweeters. C-320: 2 x 13 cm

Power/Power Consumption:C-720: 65W, C-520: DC24V AC adapter, C-320: DC18V AC adapter


C-720: 1,420 (W) x 470 (D) x 897 (H) mm / 55.91" (W) x 18.50" (D) x 35.31" (H)

C-520: 1,396 (W) x 462 (D) x 869 (H) mm / 54.96" (W) x 18.19" (D) x 34.21" (H)

C-320: 1,396 (W) x 462 (D) x 869 (H) mm / 54.96" (W) x 18.19" (D) x 34.21" (H)


C-720: 80.5 kg / 177.47 lbs

C-520: 53 kg / 116.84 lbs.

C-320: 50 kg / 110.23 lbs.

Color and Grain: C-720: Realwood Wenge finish, C-520: Cherry (CH), Dark Rosewood (DR). C-320: Light Cherry (LC), Dark Rosewood (DR)

Key Cover: C-720: soft-closing key cover, C-520/C-320: slide type


C-720:AC cord, CD-ROM with KORG USB-MIDI Driver, Song Book,

C-520: AC cord, CD-ROM with KORG USB-MIDI Driver, Song Book

C-320: AC cord

*Sounds processed by INFINITY software.

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For more information, visit their web site at www.korg.com.