Knucklehead Electric Geetar Strings

With a Web site that opens with a trashy trailer scene depicting a guy with a Joe Dirt-approved mullet, a big boy eating chicken out of a bucket, and a bucktoothed, red-headed stepchild, one could easily get the impression that these strings might be best suited for snarin’ a cooter for supper. But despite the humorous packaging, Knucklehead Strings are manufactured in the U.S. on computer-controlled winding equipment and are truly professional grade.

Featuring ultra-high-tensile hexagon cores, all Super Mullet ($10 retail/$4 street; .009-.042, .009-.046, .010-.046, .011-.050 gauges) and Short Bus ($11 retail/$4 street; .010-.056 and .011-.058 gauges) sets thoughtfully contain an extra high-E string. And though packaged two strings to an envelope (i.e. three envelopes per pack), the Mullets were surprisingly easy to extract individually, unlike other brands, which sometimes explode all over the place. I installed a set of nickel-plated Super Mullet Heavys on a Strat and was impressed with their tuning stability and ease of bending despite their .011 to .050 gauges. These beefy sounding strings provided clear, strong tones without being overly bright or rattly, and they made slamming chords a pleasure.

With one foot firmly planted in trailer-trash antics and the other in serious, premium quality string manufacturing, Knucklehead offers sets for acoustics and electrics that are definitely worth trying. How ’bout on the matching Budweiser guitar and bass you got from Sears back in the ’80s?—you know, the ones hanging above the fake fireplace mantle next to your commemorative NASCAR plates.