Klotz Matthias Jabs Signature RockMaster Cables

Made in Germany, and developed in collaboration with the Scorpion’s Matthias Jabs, the Klotz Matthias Jabs RockMaster Signature series includes a 20'' Guitar cable ($89 retail), a 6" Patch cable ($59 retail), and a 4'' Speaker cable ($49 retail). To minimize high-frequency roll-off—thus preserving clarity and detail—the Guitar and Patch cables boast extremely low capacitance (75pF per meter), and the proprietary Klotz gold-plated brass plugs are special low-capacitance designs as well. The importance of plug capacitance is too often ignored, but low capacitance plugs can be especially beneficial on a pedalboard, where a truckload of high-capacitance connectors can increase the system’s capacitance significantly, leading to duller tones.
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Guitar players also frequently ignore the proper usage of guitar and speaker cables. Klotz and Jabs want to be sure their cables are used properly, so the plugs’ anodized aluminum shells are color-coded: red for the guitar cable, blue for the speaker cable, and gray for the patch cable. A clever idea, and the cable type is also conveniently printed on the jacket as well.

Compared with several similarly priced challengers (of equal length), the Klotz-Jabs Guitar cable distinguished itself with an especially focused and coherent midrange, and a remarkably extended and sweet top-end. Clean tones rang with an acoustic-like open and airy freshness, while high-gain tones possessed an impressive abundance of aggressively textured crushed-glass grind, with plenty of stinging high-end presence. But don’t be intimidated by the RockMaster moniker, these fine-sounding cables are a great choice for less aggressive styles as well.