Keyfax NewMedia Introduces Drum/Keys For Yamaha MO Keyboards

Everyone needs good, realistic drum tracks, and owners of the new Yamaha MO6 and MO8 now have a plug-and-play solution in the MO Drum/Keys from producers KEYFAX NewMedia.
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Custom-branded USB sticks, pre-packaged with drum loops played by real drummers as a series of native Pattern and Arpeggio files, MO Drum/Key offer instant access to a huge range of styles. All beats are voiced, looped, and ready to play over.

Keyfax's Julian Colbeck said, "We've all been in a situation where you want a decent shuffle groove, some exotic world rhythms, or an authentic breakbeat to jump start a song. MO Drum Keys provide you with world-class drumming you can use in whatever way you like - apply new voices, tempos,. FX, mix two or more loops, the possibilities are endless."

MO Drum / Key 1 features a brand new formatting of one of KEYFAX's most popular libraries, MIDI Breakbeats, plus Drums Around The World featuring beats from Cuba to Senegal. The collection also features 120 Drum Arpeggios that can be applied to any Voice or Performance for real time applications.

MO Drum / Key 2 adds the popular Drums & Percussion collection, and MO Drum / Key 3 adds Future Beats, a substantial collection of not only dance / electronic drum loops, but also accompanying bass and synthesizer parts.

MO keyboards all require external storage for Pattern and Song sequences. MO Drum / Keys - priced at less than the normal cost of the content - effectively then provides users with a 128MB storage device free!

Self-powered, fully compatible with USB 1.1.or 2.0 systems, and with no formatting nor driver required, MO Drum / Keys can also be used to transfer data to and from a MO to PC or Mac computer.

Although the collections were created for the new MO keyboards, MO Drum / Keys can also be used with all Motif ES keyboards since the instruments share Pattern and Arpeggio file formats.

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