Katie Garibaldi Releases New Single! "Baby We're Really In Love" - a tribute to Hank Williams

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Katie Garibaldi, the evenly measured sweet and edgy singer-songwriter and guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area, proudly announces the release of her new single, “Baby We’re Really In Love,” a rendition of Hank Williams’ original song.This is definite new territory for the indie starling, who has only previously recorded and released original material up to this point.

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“Last year I visited and toured in Nashville for the first time, which had been a long-time goal of mine since I first started performing,” says Garibaldi. “Being in such a historically musical-rich area, I was heavily inspired by the greats like Eddie Arnold, Tammy Wynette, and especially Hank Williams. I wanted to record a song to pay homage to such a monumental musical legend who’s had a powerful influence on me in my life, and most recently from my trips to Music City.”

Katie’s version of “Baby We’re Really In Love” indeed pays homage to the legendary country songwriter, but also delivers that “Katie Garibaldi” acoustic folk/pop-esque incomparable sound that her fans love her for. Garibaldi breathes new life into this memorable and catchy song. Michael Molenda, a noted producer, engineer, and editor-in-chief of Guitar Player magazine (and producer of Katie’s last album Next Ride Out), produced “Baby We’re Really In Love” at Potrero Post Studios in San Francisco, CA. “I came to Mike with the idea of recording a Hank Williams song. I was so excited about it, but still a little leery since I’ve never released a cover song before,” remembers Garibaldi. “We wanted to do it right, where we were respectful of Hank’s seamless songwriting and the old-school American country sound, but also put my stamp on it as an artist and make it a bit more modern-sounding. Mike helped me come up with a great arrangement of the song that made sense and accomplished our objectives.”

"Baby We're Really In Love" is now available on iTunes

The recording includes Katie on vocals and acoustic guitar, Matt Blackett on slide guitar, Blyss on bass, and Jake Wood on drums and spoons. The song exudes fun—simple as that, beginning with antique all-out country sounds, including an old record player, acoustic guitar with spoons, and of course Garibaldi’s evocative and uniquely-her vocals. After displaying rustic country nostalgia, the track kicks in to in-color HD, if you will, with the full band playing a bouncy Louisiana-style groove, while still keeping the twang, and Katie’s sweet and soulful voice playfully phrasing the charming lyrics of this love story. The catchy and dynamic track is sure to surprise and please listeners of both the great Hank and the one-of-a-kind indie gem who is Katie Garibaldi.

Katie Garibaldi’s version of Hank Williams’ “Baby We’re Really In Love” is a tribute to one of the most valuable country music artists of all time, and on the flip side of the coin also shows us Garibaldi’s growth as an artist herself since her last release (Next Ride Out, 2009). Her fresh single serves as something new and fun for her fans to listen to, and it also gives us a glimpse into the exciting direction that Garibaldi will be taking with her next album release, due out some time next year. With such renowned and classic artists as Hank Williams as her muse, the singer/songwriter should be just fine.As her “Baby We’re Really In Love” cover proves, Garibaldi is an ever-evolving artist, breaking the boundaries of genres, always pushing the envelope with her sound, and is surely here to stay in the musical world for many years to come.

"Baby We're Really In Love" is now available on iTunes