Just How Much Songwriting Inspiration Can You Handle?!?

Every songwriter has been there: staring at the floor, trying to wish an idea, any idea, into your head. The paper is crumpled, the pencil hasn''t been touched—except for tooth marks. Suddenly a great idea comes to mind, until you realize it''s actually the riff to “Louie, Louie.” Where to go when the well looks dry?
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The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook clears away the cobwebs and helps songwriters tap into their deepest creative resources. Using a radical new system—Immersion Music Method—songwriters will tap into inner creativity they never dreamed of. From the 20 Song Game and forming a Songwriter Lodge to tips on eliminating procrastination, generating raw material, and overcoming creative block, The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook provides an astounding number of techniques to get the music flowing like never before.

Catchy themes and creative ideas permeate The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook, turning a chore into a game. Songwriting session suggestions abound: The Day Musical (write a short musical in one day), The Meter-Made Songs (each song in a different meter), Film Re-Scoring (each song is a score for one scene in a film you know well), and The Grab and Diverge (grab a single element from your first song and create your second based around that element).

These tips and hundreds more will defeat the biggest creative phobias, allowing songwriters to conjure their creativity at will. Tales from the trenches of extreme songwriting illustrate the practical application of many of the hints.

Karl Coryat is the author of Backbeat’s Guerrilla Home Recording and a consulting editor for Bass Player magazine. He is a founding member of the Immersion Composition Society’s Wig Lodge (www.wiglodge.com).

Nicholas Dobson started writing music when he was 11. In spring 2001 he developed the idea for the Immersion Composition Society (www.ics-hub.org), along with co-founder Michael Mellender.

Backbeat Books publishes books for people who are passionate about music, whether as performers or avid fans. Based in San Francisco, Backbeat Books is an imprint of CMP Information.

The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook
By Karl Coryat and Nicholas Dobson
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