Junior Brown on Gear

“People put too much emphasis on equipment. I recently read a prominent guitar newsletter that was all about how you can get that ‘vintage’ sound with this ‘vintage-sounding’ gear, and how this ‘bluesy’ amp gives you this ‘bluesy’ tone. It’s ridiculous.

"Some of the best playing I’ve ever done has been on the worst possible equipment. And it wasn’t because I was trying to make it grungy and funky. Funkiness is a byproduct of the way you feel, and the situation you’re in. The old blues guys played beat-up guitars because that’s all they could get. I love my gear, but when people really get into equipment, it’s akin to saying, ‘I know a restaurant in town that serves really good gravy.’ Well, good gravy is a result of cooking good meat, and the meal is the main thing. That’s how it is with music, too. It’s about the sweat off of your fingers, and what you’re feeling. It’s not about what kind of amp you’ve got, or what stompbox you can use to get a certain sound.”