Jules Shear

For as prolific a songwriter as Jules Shear has been over the past three decades, he’s a man of relatively few words—at least when talking about songwriting. One gets the impression he’s saving words—and thoughts—for his songs, which Shear has a satchel full of, and has compiled on nine solo recordings, including the newly released Dreams Don’t Count [MAD Dragon Records/Ryko]. And yet, only about half of the tunes written and recorded by Shear ever see the light of day. The rest end up on the proverbial cutting-room floor, swept away and sent to wherever discarded songs go. A few of the ones that have made the cut were spun into hits for Cyndi Lauper (“All Through the Night”) and the Bangles (“If She Knew What She Wants”), and covered by artists such as The Band, Roger McGuinn, and 10,000 Maniacs.