JTM Merchandising Introduces Red Star Straps

JTM Merchandising has introduced the Red Star line of instrument straps. Inspired by the asphalt jungles, urban deserts, military camouflage, ribbons, medals and insignias, the new Red Star line offers four series of straps (14 designs) to choose from—Assault, Defender, Camo and Raider.
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Red Star straps are crafted from high-grade poly, cotton and distressed leather materials, with topical details such as ribbon, hand-cast metal emblems, and digitized graphics, with durable suede or embossed rubber strap ends. All straps extend fully to a lengthy 68".

The Assault Series is a 2" cotton strap with a textured surface that runs the full length of this extra long 68" strap. This "standard issue" accessory has a hand-cast metal shield on a durable suede end. Colors: Red, Black, Olive, and Tan.

The Defender Series proudly displays the Red Star emblem on its unique rubber end. This 2" high-grade poly strap in military green sports its colors running down the center. The Defender is sleek and stealth, sliding easily over the shoulder and ready for battle. Colors are Red, Black, Olive, and Tan.

The Camo Series is ready for any mission that comes your way. With three colors to choose from, this 2-1/2" Duralon strap will get you through the jungle, sand and streets, unseen by your prey and ready for your attack. The digitized "RS" graphics run the entire length of the strap. Colors: Asphalt, Jungle, Desert.

The Raider Series is a 2-1/2" black leather strap that has the signature metal shield sewn on war-torn leather and screened with edgy graphics. The perfect addition to a well-rounded arsenal of accessories! Colors: Ship, Skull, Eagle.

For more information, visit their web site at www.jtmmerchandising.com.