Josh Williamson

Guitarist: Josh WilliamsonAge: 21Style: Blues, progressive rockInfluences: Jimi Hendrix, Dream Theater, Alice in ChainsMain Guitars: Randy Parsons Custom, ’62 Fender StratocasterLocation: Seattle, WA
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Background: Williamson took up the violin at age 9, but switched to guitar at 13, and, three years later, won the grand prize in a national guitar competition (which included playing with Kenny Wayne Shepard at the Hollywood House of Blues). He has released two CDs (including last year’s No Shelter) that reveal him to be an advanced player with solos inspired at times by Hendrix. As his Josh Williamson Band—a progressive blues-based trio that relies on melodic vocals, sophisticated chords, funky rhythms, and hot guitar playing to create a unique sound that would be well received by jam band audiences—played out more, momentum built to his recent nomination for “Guitarist of the Year” by the Seattle Weekly Music Awards.